Board of Trustees



Every three years ‘caregivers’, ie: parents or guardians of children attending the school, elect five representatives.  Additional to these five elected members who make up the Board of Trustees, are the Principal, an elected Staff Representative and up to four other co-opted members who may be appointed by the Board of Trustees for set periods of time.  The most recent BOT was elected in June 2016 and two Trustees co-opted to start in February 2017.

The current Board of Trustees are:

Board of Trustees:

Lee-Ann Lucas - Chairperson

Sarah Sutcliffe - Treasurer

Jamie Galloway

Michael O'Brien

Nicki Taylor

Gowan Duff - Co-opted

Lou Dennis - Co-opted

Chris Porteous (Staff Representative)

Janine Irvine (Principal)


Full Board meetings are held monthly and are open for attendance. Sub-committee meetings are held at regular intervals. BOT meeting dates are advertised in the fortnightly newsletter.


The Board endeavours to consult with the school community as much as practicable on various issues and this consultation is via the Community Relations Committee and the PTA with information being passed on to caregivers either through individual correspondence, the fortnightly newsletter or special school notices/forums/meetings.


All enquiries and correspondence for discussion at a meeting should be addressed to The Board Chair, 193 Green Lane West, Greenlane, and sent to the BOT Secretary by email:  Alternatively dropped off in an envelope addressed to the BOT Chair, at the school office.




Board of Trustees - PROPOSED MEETING DATES – 2017 TBC

Meetings are held on Tuesday Evenings - Starting at 6.00pm


Term 1 (11 week term)Term 2 (10 week term)Term 3 (10 week term)Term 4 (9 week term)


 2 May (April Mtg) (Wk1)  
 1 August (July Mtg) (Wk2) 24 October (Wk3) 
 28 February (Wk4) 30 May (Wk5) 29 August (Wk6) 21 November (Wk7)  
 28 March (Wk8) 

27 June (Wk9)   

 26 September (Wk9)   
 12 December (Wk10)



The BOT welcome parents at official Board meetings.  If you would like to discuss a matter at a Board meeting please write to the Board Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting to advise intention to attend, or to request an item be added to the agenda and authority to speak on that issue.  Copies of reports discussed at the meeting are available from the school office and meeting minutes, once ratified, are available at the school office and on Knowledge Net.


For a full set of guidelines for public attending a Board of Trustees meeting, please contact the BOT Secretary

For direct contact with the BOT  Chairperson please email:


Minutes of BOT Meeing are available at the school office to view.  Please advise the BOT Secretary in advance, if you wish to access this file.



BOT  Elections 2016  - Candidate Statements


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