Lunches / School Canteen


Lunches are available for children to buy at school daily.  The school canteen operators offer a varied menu with healthy nutritious alternative options.  A menu is kept in each classroom and a copy may be collected from the school office, alternatively you will be able to find this menu in the caregiver area on Knowledge Net. 

Money should be sent to school in a sealed envelope with the child's :

Name, room number, and order details written on the outside. 

The orders are placed in a lunch container in each classroom and monitors are responsible for taking any orders to the lunchroom and collecting them again at lunchtime for distribution. 


Alternatively lunch orders can be done online.

Please note that  ONLY New Zealand currency must be used.


From time to time a child may leave their lunchbox at home or may arrive with insufficient food to eat.  In these circumstances, the teacher will bring the child to the school office.  Parents will be contacted for agreement to lend the child money to buy something to eat from the canteen.  If the parent is not able to  be contacted, the office staff will make a judgement on the necessity for sending the child to the canteen.  A note will be sent home with the child to advise the parent how much was leant to the child for reimbursement.



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