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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Welcome. My name is Michael O’Brien and I have been on the CPDS Board of Trustees for the past three years. During this time, I have been actively involved on the Community, Finance & Property subcommittees. My approach was to provide direction and evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s performance in achieving valued outcomes for all students. I also served as the convener of the school Fair over this time. Both of our children attend CPDS, Carise is in her final year and Lachlan is in Year 3. Our School creates and nurtures a wonderful holistic learning environment, which facilitates creative learning opportunities across the Arts, Culture, Health, Sports, and Academic curriculum areas. It caters to our children’s natural curiosity and thereby broadens their range of skills, interests and abilities, while unconsciously engaging them in reading, writing and maths. This approach is essential and is enriched by the employment of our specialist teachers.

All our children are on a unique learning journey. Occasionally, they’ll encounter learning obstacles, but with the support of our fabulous staff they will step up to these challenges and thrive. An important part of this support is the teacher-parent partnership. A strong partnership will deliver greater outcomes and extend our children’s capabilities. To propagate this partnership, pathways must be created to allow effective parental engagement with the school at all levels. Hence, the BoT must continue the review process (initiated by the Inclusive Practice strategy), through all strands of the schools’ Charter. This will ensure the charter of CPDS reflects the capabilities the community seek and that parents can support the learning that occurs at school.

At present, I am a company director and service manager for a distribution business servicing health care professionals with products and patient education collateral. These positions have enabled me to build up a sound understanding and practical knowledge of business administration, management and governance. I have a broad range of interests, but you’ll regularly find me, coaching or on the side line supporting an activity of either child. The youth are our future, and I am passionate about supporting, challenging and empowering them to become lifelong learners. Oh, the places they’ll go!

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