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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Overdue Library books- Apology.

Kia Ora CPDS families, Today our automated library system sent an overdue notice to all families with library books on loan. I apologise for that notice going out today and hope it did not create undue stress. Please be assured, I…


A quick video message for your children from Mrs Irvine

Hello everyone, from my bubble.  I just wanted to pass on a quick video message to your children. Next Tuesday, I will also be updating the guidelines in printed form for parents around what online learning will look like at…


Books with Empathy themes

At our Community meeting in Week Two our guest speaker was highlighting the importance of teaching Empathy to our children. Attached is the list of books he sent through with empathy themes . We already have some of these in…


支付学校捐款和其他费用 Ways to Pay for the School Donation & Other Contributions: Mandarin Version

Kindo 是学校家庭支付所有款项的首选方法。在向 Kindo 付款时,您将支付称为 “The Growth Collective” 的公司机构。他们提供3种付款方式。 POLi,网上银行和信用卡。使用信用卡付款需支付额外费用,其他2个选项均免费。 POLI:这是最简单,最直接的付款方式。您将被引导到您的银行网站,以使用网上银行完成付款。参考和代码部分仅供您参考。但是,并非所有银行都与 POLI 挂钩。了解 POLi 的更多信息            有关哪家银行可以使用 POLi 网上银行:将资金转入您的 Kindo 账户需要2个工作日。因此,例如,如果您的孩子在星期五早上有校外活动,为了让学校知道您已经付款,您的费用需要在星期二晚上之前给付。请确认您在付款时提供 Kindo 给您的确切参考信息。 以下是您需要的详细信息: 收件人(收款人)姓名:The Growth Collective Limited 收件人(收款人)帐号:03 0180 0157207 25 详细信息:您的登录电子邮件的前12个字母和数字(在您付款时,由 Kindo 提供的) 代码:留空,不要填写 参考号码:您的会员编号(当您付款时由 Kindo 提供,也可在 “我的帐户” 选项中找到。) (国际客户:请使用…


Ways to Pay for the School Donation & Other Contributions

Kindo is our preferred method for school families to make all  payments. When making a payment to Kindo you’ll be paying the business known as “The Growth Collective.” 3 payment methods are offered. POLi, internet banking and by credit card.…


School Donation & Other Charges 2020

2020 SCHOOL DONATION and OTHER CHARGES Even though the year has started with some unexpected challenges presented by the Coronavirus, 2020, our children are settled and focused on learning. 2020 is definitely set to be another exciting year for our…


Rhyme Rocket Show for All Students

On Tuesday the 18th of February, Joe Chambers from the BBC television show 'The Rhyme Rocket' will be visiting our school. The event will take place in the school hall at various times during the day. (Years 1 - 4)-…

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