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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

We offer to do free workshops and casting calls at schools across the country. These workshops are usually 2 hours. We will show a Kea Kids News episode, host a 15 minute seminar about what a news story and news reporter is and then the kids will write their own 30 second news story to present to camera. From these videos we cast reporters for our stories. We keep the casting videos on a secure drive in our office and these are not made public; they are just for our records. It’s useful for parents to know in advance that workshops are happening in case their kid is cast for a story.

Kids usually have the best time ever in these workshops. Even if they don’t get cast they learn about the value of watching the news, how to present current affairs, how to perform to camera and public speaking skills. They also get to throw our mic around and have heaps of fun!

Attached below is video you can watch to see how it all works. It shows how our workshops work and how fun they are;


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