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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Cornwall Park District School

Whānau Hui Meeting Minutes 2021 

Term 3 

Agenda Item:


Whānau Hui Meeting Minutes 

12th August 2021

Minutes recorded by Whaea Raupo and Olivia 




Attendees Janine  Irvine , Dawn Wood , Shanthan Naidu, Matua Rudolph, Raupo Fleet,, Olivia Brook, Dev Singh, Nadia Webber, Anne Patel, Anne-Marie Shepherd, James Chang, Matua Rudolph, Mike Webber Nadia Webber, Troydyn Raturaga, Ariana Foote, Jiahua  Xu, Matiu Kiwi,.
Apologies Karen Linwood , Erin Lingard
Karakia Timatanga me te Mihimihi 6 pm – Matua Rudolph
Kupu whakataki (Introductions) All attendees introduced themselves
We did a bus stop where we presented some driving questions to shape our Māori success plan and to hear ngā mātua voice Here they are in the next column numbered 1-4.( in the black text)

The answers from the whānau are in the coloured text.

1: What stories do you feel would be of value to CDPS? 

-Mana whenua narratives- the initiation behind it and how it has been actualised

-The migration of Māori to NZ, historic stories

-Stories about the whenua

-maramataka and connection to wellbeing

-Maungakiekie wāanau -Iwi fight for it to be a vehicle as of 2020

-Māori history of the area

2: What connections do you have that would be of value to CPDS ?

Dame Thelma Chapman was recognised as Mr NZ of the year 2012

3- What could CPDS do better for your whānau ?

-Te Tiriti O Waitangi

-History Of Aotearoa colonisation

-accurate signage around school

-Marae trip visits

-A marae or wangaga space

-Kapahaka during class times not lunch times

-Incorporation of Te reo Māori use of daily kupu in classrooms- signage , days of the week

-Te reo Māori classes

-more te reo classes

-use of hauora -whare tapa wha, perhaps link to values and dispositions, let these be the foundation , rock for decision making

4-Kahikatia is the driving document ( Māori education strategy) for education.  They aim for all Māori learners to enjoy education  success as Māori.  What does that statement mean for your whānau?

-A Māori worldview , ways of knowing and being are central to the teachings at CPDS. ( Māori normalised)

-Māori values – worldview -tikanga is embedded into the ahua of CPDS

-That non- Māori learner also are able to learn about what success as Māori truly ,means 

-A positive sense of Māori identity that is valued and recognised as unique

-there is a commitment to dismantle institutional racism that historically and currently disempowers and fails our tamariki

Raupo to read all comments  and use all of this kōrero from Māori whānau to implement into Māori success plan
Design thinking with Māori students Dev Singh is currently implementing a new initiative for Māori students called design thinking . Students will be talking to Ngati whatua and identifying issues that they may have/see around Auckland- Dev and children  will then research and  come back, working with iwi to come up with a prototype to solve a problem. 
General business Whānau hui once a term

Other discussion notes:

·  Te Tiriti: teaching it through the 3 P’s rather than basics- that way students can connect more to it. A way that everyone can connect with. 

·  Students have found something to belong to when they were unsure of their identity before. 

·  Need to highlight what we are doing at CPDS to encourage belonging

·  Embedding tikanga  Māori  in your school  is all part and parcel and where it all begins 

·  Teachers: be an agent of change, upskill if possible, empower yourself so you can empower the kids. 

·  Teach Hauora – well being through the model of Te Whare Tapa Wha 

Whaea Raupo to organise
Karakia whakamutunga 8.20 pm – Matua Mike


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