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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

It is important that our children are safe after school.

We therefore reviewed our current practice, as part of our Term 2 Health and Safety meeting that was held this morning, and have strengthened some of our existing procedures. Please familiarise yourself with the information below.

All playgrounds are completely closed between 3 and 3.20pm. This applies even if a parent is present with their child. This is to ensure all children leave the school grounds as soon as possible after the bell, so children walking home are not isolated.

There will be a teacher on duty between 3- 3.15pm each day to make sure children are leaving the school grounds and are not staying to play on the playgrounds.

At approximately 3.15pm when our car park and road patrol teachers come off duty they will direct all children who are still waiting outside the gates to be picked up to sit outside the office and can be picked up from there. This also includes children who are waiting for after school classes e.g Art that are held on site. The tutors will be asked to pick them up from outside the office.

From 3.20pm parents are welcome to use the playgrounds with their children, as other unsupervised children will have either left the school grounds, or will be outside the office area.

On another note we have a visitor’s bathroom in our administration block, please do not use the childrens’ toilets.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Kind regards



因此,这成为今天早上举行的第 2 学期健康与安全会议的一部分。我们审查了学校目前的做法,并加强了我们现有的一些程序。请仔细阅读以下信息。

所有游乐场在下午 3点至 3点20分之间完全关闭。即使父母陪同孩子在场。这是为了确保所有孩子在铃声响起后能够尽快离开校园,这样步行回家的孩子就不会被孤立。

每天下午 3点至 3点15分会有一名老师值班,确认孩子们离开校园,而不是留在操场上/游乐场玩耍。

大约下午 3点15分,我们的停车场和道路巡逻老师下班后,他们会指示所有仍在大门外等候被接走的孩子们,全部回到学校里面,坐在办公室外面等待,家长可以从办公室门口接走孩子。这也包括等待放学后的学习课程的孩子们,例如租用学校场地的艺术课。辅导老师将被要求到办公室门口接他们。

从下午 3点 20分之后开始,欢迎家长和他们的孩子一起使用操场/游乐场,因为这样其他无人看管的孩子,不是已经离开校园,就是留在办公室门口等待家长。




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