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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

On Thursday 3rd June, Room 23 will be visiting the Stardome Observatory & Planetarium, as part of our science inquiry.  


Students will be learning about space and looking at the technology, spacecraft, rockets, probes and satellites that venture into the unknown.   They will also find out how astronomers find out more about our universe from here on Earth, as well as what we learn from travelling into space. 

In teams, students will complete a fun fact-finding quiz by exploring the Space Gallery and in the immersive, 360-degree planetarium, students will watch a planetarium show, followed by a live tour of the celestial sights above Auckland.

Room 23 will be walking to the observatory and having lunch at the park at 11.45pm so that we are ready for the 1.00pm start of a 90 minute session.  We will then finish at 2.30pm and we will walk back to school in time for 3.00pm.

Please access your Kindo account to pay the $6.00 contribution, as well as provide permission and to let us know if you are available to assist us with this trip.  We are aware that payment can not be enforced, however,  please appreciate that the trip is dependent on contributions being received. If cancelled, contributions will be refunded or held over until the next activity.

Yours sincerely

Colleen Morrow & Jane Austen

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