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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

What an interesting and challenging start to 2021, with two Level 3 lockdowns already. It is just as well that at CPDS we are always ready for a challenge and we remain determined to keep our eye firmly on our core business: Teaching and Learning.

This year is also a very special year for our school and for your children, as we are celebrating our 100th year, and it will be an event that our 2021 students, families and staff will be able to remember for years to come.

Alongside these celebrations we will continue to embed the HERO (CPDS’s Learning Management System) online reporting system. In 2021, we are looking at gradually introducing our Y5 and Y6 students to the programme and we should see these students starting to post their own learning reflections as we make our way through the year.


Many of you would have seen the pleas made last year for families to consider paying donations. Due to the significant decrease in donations made in 2020, we have had no choice but to make cuts to our planned 2021 expenditure. Crucially, if we receive a greater level of donations this year, we may be able to review this situation and continue to invest in important areas that the community has become accustomed to.

By contributing your donation this year you will:

  • Allow us to provide the level of support required to children who need it to be successful in Reading, Maths and Writing.
  • Enable us to provide extra support for children with learning and behaviour challenges. This allows these children to be successful in their learning while also allowing all other children in the class a better opportunity to learn without interruption.
  • Provide the necessary assistance to children with anxiety which is especially important with the current lockdowns.
  • Allow us to have an adult in our library during breaks, allowing children a quiet respite from our playgrounds.
  • Allow us to sustain and add to existing levels of resources across all curriculum levels.

Your donation is extremely important for our school to maintain what we currently offer. In 2021, our suggested annual school donation for this year will be $450 per student, if received by March 31st 2021. This date is important for people wishing to claim a tax rebate on donations in this financial year. (The suggested donation is $460, if paid after this date). The school believes that this is a fair and realistic amount for the services provided to children.

Payment Options

Please pay the full amount of the donation at your earliest convenience through your Kindo account. Tax receipts will automatically be sent by email. If you wish instead to make part payments, either on an ad-hoc basis or term by term, these can also be made through your Kindo account. If you would prefer to pay by automatic weekly/fortnightly or monthly instalments please contact Leigh in the office ( and she will happily discuss this with you.

We thank you for your continued financial support of our school and wish to assure you that all donations are used for the benefit of all our children at Cornwall Park District School. If you would like more information please visit our school website.

Janine Irvine

Nick Mackeson-Smith
BOT Chair
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