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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Dear Parents/ Caregivers

From 5pm this afternoon you will be able to find out, on HERO, your child(ren)’s class placement for 2021, as well as view their final reporting for the year.

After COVID-19 impacted on our school and community earlier this year, we deliberately focused on the Hauroa/ Wellbeing of our children, staff and community both during lockdown as well as the  face to face periods .  Last year,  we also completed the Wellbeing@school survey. As a follow up of this we have also reflected on how well our children look after each other across the year levels.  With this in mind we would like to introduce a more Tuakana Teina (buddy system) across our school. As part of this we would still continue to strengthen our Houses. 

Tuakana Teina is where older and younger children help each other in different ways, fostering a respectful environment due to stronger relationships being developed across the different age groups. As we are a relatively big school, it can be challenging for all children to know each other so in 2021 we will have Tuakana Teina Teams replace our current Year Team structure. 

When you refer to the organisation below, you will see each team consists of classes from across year levels. Below are some  FAQ relating to the Tuakana Teina (buddy system)

What this means for my child on a day to day basis?

NOT much will change.  The majority of your child’s school life occurs in the classroom and classes will operate the same way as this year. For the majority of learning they work with peers in their class. There will be some occasions where they will spend time in their Team classes from time to time e.g. Buddy Reading, Festival activities like Matariki etc. There will also be times that they spend time with other classes at the same year level.

How will my children stay connected with the other children in their ‘Year’ Group? 

Many activities will still occur in Year level groups. These will likely include Swimming Sports, Cross Country,  Year 5 and 6 Sports, Camps and Outdoor education etc. Children will notice no difference from this year. 

What are the benefits for the older children?

The older children will have increased opportunities for leadership as we will have 6 teams where older children can be leaders, in addition to our existing ‘House Captains’.

The older children will get to know younger children much more and be role models when they come across them in the playground. 

What are the benefits for the younger children?

The younger children will forge relationships with older children from day one of schooling, so they don’t have to be scared of the ‘big children’.  Children in the middle school will see older children modelling leadership more often and so they will know what they need to do to be considered for leadership in the senior school. 

Why is my senior child in a junior classroom next year?

Yes, a number of our classes have changed rooms, so we can cluster our team rooms as close as possible.  Any of our classrooms with the exception of  Room 22 ( a smaller space for NE children ) can be used for any level of student and no classroom in our school is designated as specifically a junior, or senior room.  If your child comes home saying they are back in the juniors please explain that even though their room number has changed they are still in the correct year group and that there are a few more changes of rooms this year across the school than what we have experienced in recent years. 

We will also talk to the children to reinforce this when they visit their new rooms on Monday 14 December. 

Please refer below for school organisation for 2021.

Kind regards
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