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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Dear Parents and Caregivers

As we prepare to return to school on Monday at Level 2, I can appreciate that some of you may have some concerns about your children’s safety at this time.

The Ministry has clearly stated that all children are expected to attend school at Level Two, unless they have serious medical conditions and their absence is supported by medical professionals. It is extremely important that children are in school from Monday, after such a big break away,  so our dedicated staff can attend to all their educational and social needs moving forward. The Ministry has provided schools with clear expectations of what systems and procedures we need to have in place during this period to keep our children safe.  I would personally like to reassure you that our school is taking these guidelines extremely seriously and we are ready for all children to attend.

From next week, our teachers will be taking considerable time to settle children in, while also having a major focus on reinforcing key messages such as ‘staying out of others moist breath’ , not touching each other, as well as coughing into the elbow. Teachers will also be overseeing regular hand washing/ sanitising during the day.  This will be an extremely high priority for our staff,  as they are committed to keeping all our children safe at school,  as well as (like your own family) needing to keep themselves and their own families safe during this time.  In addition to this the school will also:- 

  • Have regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces. 
  • Have easily accessible hand sanitisers at entry of the school, in all our classrooms and shared spaces. N.B  If your child needs special hand sanitiser due to  allergies, we ask you to please provide them with their personal supply.
  • Have visual and regular verbal reminders for  children to follow strict hygiene processes.
  • Need all children who are NOT WELL to STAY at home.  Parents will be asked to pick up ASAP any children who fall ill during the day (and are asked to phone Healthline or their GP and get tested if they have flu-like symptoms).
  • Not hold assemblies until further notice
  • Maintain robust contact tracing systems for our school site

Health and Safety is always a top priority at CPDS and just as parents, you do everything to protect your children at home, so will we while they are in school.

It would also be a good time to start to prepare your children for their return. Remind them about sensible and safe distancing. Talk to your child about making sure they give others ‘breathing space’. Remind them not to be so close they can breathe on or touch other children. Some other suggestions include:

  • Explain to your child that if our own hands are not clean we can make ourselves sick. Make regular hand washing fun – use a favourite song or game.  Show them a video about handwashing.
  • Remind your child to always wash their hands before eating, playing outside, playing with others, after sporting activities, after playing on hard surfaces including outdoor play areas.
  • Explain to your child that they should not share their lunch or any other food and drink.
  • Let your child know that they will see more cleaning of their school and their classroom.
  • Explain to your child that some children may choose to wear face masks. It might be part of their cultural practice to do so or to support their hygiene needs. Encourage them to respect other people’s choices.

Over the weekend I will be sending out another important alert to share how our contact tracking will affect parents who wish to enter the school grounds, as well as important drop off and pick up procedures at Level 2, from Monday onwards.

Kind regards



卫生部明确表示,除非儿童患有严重的疾病并且获得医疗专业人员的证明,否则所有儿童都应在2级警报时回学校上学。在这么长的假期之后,孩子们从星期一开始回到学校上学是非常重要的,而且我们所有的教职人员会尽力帮助他们并且满足他们所需的教育和人际关系需求。该部 ( 卫生部 ) 已向学校明确表示,期望在此期间內,我们需要采取哪些系统和程序来确保孩子的安全。我个人想向您保证,我们学校非常认真地对待这些准则,我们已准备好让所有孩子们返校学习。

从下周开始,我们的老师将使用很多时间来让孩子们安定下来,同时还将主要精力放在增强重要关键信息上,例如“ 避免接触到他人的呼吸范围,就是不要被口水喷到的距离 ”,不互相触碰以及对着肘部咳嗽。老师还将监督白天的定时洗手和消毒。对于我们的教职人员而言,这将是极为重要的工作,因为他们致力于确保所有孩子在学校的安全,以及(如您自己的家人)在此期间需要保护自己和家人的安全。除此以外,学校还将:

  • 定期清洁经常接触的表面。
  • 在学校入口处,在我们所有的教室和共享空间中均应配备易于取用的手部消毒剂。 备注,如果您的孩子由于过敏需要特殊的手部消毒剂,我们请您为他们提供个人用品。
  • 有视觉标示和不断的言语提醒,让孩子们遵循严格的卫生习惯。
  • 所有身体不适的孩子必须待在家里。家长将被要求尽快接回白天在学校生病的孩童( 并且会被要求给 Healthline 或他们的 GP ( 家医 ) 打电话,并作检验,如果他们有类似流感的症状 )。
  • 除非另行通知,否则将不会有集会 ( 全部取消 ) 
  • 加强维护我们学校的联系追踪系统

健康和安全始终是 CPDS 的头等大事,就像父母一样,您会尽一切努力保护家中的孩子,因此我们也会保护在学校里的孩子。

这也是开始准备让您的孩子返回校园的好时机。提醒他们随时注意和保持安全距离。与您的孩子沟通,并确保他们可以给别人足夠的 “ 呼吸空间 ”。提醒他们不要靠得太近以至于呼吸到或触摸到其他孩子。其他一些建议包括:

  • 向您的孩子解释,如果我们自己的手不干净,我们可能会生病。使用喜欢的歌曲或游戏来常洗手,让洗手变得更加有趣。向他们展示有关洗手的视频。
  • 提醒您的孩子在吃东西之前,在户外玩耍,与其他人玩耍之后,或者进行体育活动之后,或者在地面上(包括室外游乐区 )玩耍之前之后,务必洗手。
  • 向您的孩子解释,他们不应共享午餐或任何其他食物和饮料。
  • 让您的孩子知道他们将会看到学校和教室里有更多的清洁工作。
  • 向您的孩子解释一些孩子可能会选择戴口罩。这样做或满足他们的卫生需求,也可能是他们习惯文化的一部分。鼓励他们尊重他人的选择。


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