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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

This is page is to celebrate and share the amazing work our students have produced during online learning. We have a mixture of work to share, ranging from posters, poems, science experiments, writing stories, and video presentations. It has been amazing to see the effort, communication, and connections made through different online applications. We will update this page as we continue to receive work from our learners. Happy browsing!!


Room 12 Sophia

STEM Activity: Let’s make a play microscope!
Girl Power, girls can do anything, want to be a Scientist OK! Why not.

Room 1 – Amber – Elephant Craft

New Entrant – Oliver N

Awesome weaving of the Rainbow Fish Oliver, Mrs Lingard loves that book.

Room 1 – Rocco – A story with goats

Room 12 Yulah

STEM Activity: STORM in a Bowl
How does it rain? Asking questions is all about learning at 5 years old.

Room 18 –  Marsha

Awesome writing work. You sound very excited!!

Room 18 –  Braxton

Amazing ANZAC biscuits

Room 18 – Marsha

Excellent Scavenger Hunt work while out on a walk

Room 18 – Braxton

Weaving heart for Mother’s Day

Room 18 – Ronnaphon

Marvellous Mother’s Day Card


Room 10 – Amelia – Almond Tuile Recipe

Room 3 – Lily – Y2 – Poem

Room 3 – Nathan –  Y2

Made a wreath and some poppies for ANZAC day.

Room 5 – Ted – Awesome Maths

Room 4 – Sophie – Y2 – Writing

Room 5 –  Aiden – Incredible Math

Room 10 – Riley – Dolphin Poem

Room 10 – Luke S – Y2 – Lockdown Diary

Room 10 – David Q – Y2

Extended abstract play based learning


A Soldier’s Story by Miss Hatton Room 23

Australian and New Zealand Army Corps by Emily

The Achilles by Blythe

The Sky Path Story Starter.


She struggled to walk, helpless as the day came to an end. She rested under the firm glare of the  moon, as she curled up in the penetrating labyrinth. ROAR! The dragon of the forest suddenly woke her up and told her to climb onto his back as he took her into a spiralling tunnel. Then they reached the opening the darkness retreating as the daylight grasped them. The dragon looked after the girl like his own little sister and the girl realized she had special power to talk to fantasy creatures. The dragon decided to name her Mei  Mei meaning “little sister”. In chinese, she called him Gege meaning “big brother”. They surged up the boulevard and Gege revolutionized into an august stallion and they hastened along the castle gate, wind caning through their hair and thatch. They stopped for a breather, ate earwigs and mice toasted on sticks. Gege tells her of his family and how they died fighting the evil dragon King Huang Shi and how he promised them to overthrow him. Mei Mei tells him about how she heard about the legend and world at the end of the path, where a dragon overthrew the evil king and how her parents had died during an attack. Little did she know that the dragon was sitting right in front of her. Wow! They were finally here at the end of the path where there was a red dragon Huang Shi. He had come to fight Gege. They fought and fought until Mei Mei could not bear it any longer. She threw herself in between them, the battle was fierce and Mei Mei died. Gege was devastated. But soon there was a blinding flash and Mei Mei was back except she was blue. “What happened?” asked the evil king and Mei Mei replied, I am a spirit now, for the gods decided for me to live and Gege will be my brother God. Seeing such kindness, the evil dragon Huang Shi changed into a super dragon of kindness. Now Mei Mei and Gege are known as the spiritual siblings.


She had been walking all day. Her feet hurt and her bones ached but it would all be worth it. She got to the top of the dusty wooden ladder. What she saw blew her away. She started walking on thick ice covering a still river. Snow tumbled down from the cloudy sky. As she walked into the cold land it felt like her fingertips were going to fall off. She went over to snow and it felt very soft and as light as a feather. She saw little log cabins in the distance. She saw little blue people. The boys had beards that were made out of icicles and the girls had hair that were made out of snowflakes. It smelt like hot chocolate. Then she looked at the ladder and decided to go back to her own world.


Lily climbed up through the mist and heard some shrieking up ahead.  What could it be?  Suddenly a golden, talking monkey appeared from the thick, dusty mist.  He whispered to Lily “Follow me, to a safe place where you can rest.”

Wearily Lily followed the monkey slowly through the trees.  Fireflies were lighting the way through the deep, dark forest.  Soon the monkey explained “This is where you can rest.” pointing to a heart shaped cave with flowers and vines covering the entrance.

“Thank you little monkey.  Please tell me your name?”  Lily replied.

“My name is Goldie and I am here to help you find the crystals.”  She answered.  The monkey led the way into the cave and Lily followed cautiously.  There inside was a comfy hammock made of soft vines and filled with fluffy rainbow pillows.  Oh how Lily couldn’t wait to close her eyes after her long journey.

The next morning Lily woke to the smell of sweet, delicious blackberries that the monkey Goldie had collected for  her.  She gobbled them up because she was starving.  Then the monkey led her out of the cave and into the jungle.

In the distance she heard a lion roaring like thunder.  Lily wanted to investigate.  Goldie warned Lily not to go near but she kept going!

A little while later she saw the lion behind a rock and it was about to pounce at her!  Goldie swooped down on a vine and picked her up just in time!  “Phew!  Thank you Goldie!  You saved my life!”  Lily said gratefully.

“Now it’s time to find those crystals.”  Goldie said.  “Let’s swing through the jungle on these vines to stay up high and safe.”  Goldie suggested.  Lily agreed and off they flew, up into the bushy kauri trees.

Then a tui spotted them and wanted to join them on their journey.  The Tui’s name is Luke.  Luke followed them through the jungle until they got to a glistening waterfall.  “Wow!” said Lily.  “How beautiful!”

“The crystals are behind this waterfall.”  explained Goldie.

“How are we going to get in there?”  Lily questioned.

“Well, I can work my magic so we can fly through without getting wet.” suggested Luke the Tui.

They all agreed and suddenly Luke began to glow as his magic started to work, lifting them high into the sky and whisking them through the waterfall.  They landed with a thud on the cold, damp ground.

The cave smelt like lavendar, delicious and sweet.  Lily looked up and saw the thousands of sparkling rainbow coloured crystals.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes stared up at the wonderful sight.

Lily asked Luke the Tui to fly up and grab 2 crystals in each colour.  She smiled with glee.  She’d finally made it!  Her journey was over.


She grasped the edge of the ladder-shaped rise and began to heave herself up. The trek to the sky path had been exhausting already. She fumbled around for something else to hold.She struggled on to a flat surface. No. A flatter surface. She collapsed for a moment, then reached forward. The mist began to devour her, trapping her. As she entered the mist she saw a glowing light. Faint, but exactly what she was looking for. The portal. After her life was ruined, she thought nothing could be the same. But it could be. If only…. The rustic ladder gave way and she fell into the fog below her. Reaching out she clutched the ladders rungs. She managed to scramble up to the next landing. The last landing. She brushed mist away and saw the swirling colours of the portal. She stepped inside, to her future.


Jewel – Room 6 – Dream Jar

Itsu Room 8 – Thank you to Essential Workers

Kristian – Room 7




Natalie – Room 7 – Dream Jar

Dream Jar

Hinson – Room 7 – Seasonal Poem

Autumn brought
Golden and Red leaves
on the day that animals stores food
with breezy winds.

Kylie – Room 7 – ANZAC DAY Acrostic Poem

Australia and New Zealand,
Not at all afraid,
Zoo animals would look and stare at their amazing bravery
Australians and New Zealanders,
Courageously united together,
Day by day passes by,
At last the fight ends!
Yet still some people lay underground thinking about the war!

Matthew – Lego Float

Jadelyn – Room 7 – Strawberry

Thomas – Room 7


ROOM 17 & Room 21

Room 17 and 21 have been learning about writing a narrative. Here are some stunning examples of that vital part; the orientation.

Firstly Niam from Room 21 grabs his readers’ attention with some realistic dialogue.

“Did you get some food and water?” Rowan asked as Luke walked in.
“It was pretty hard, but I managed to sell a B-1 Battle Droid Head for four portions”, Luke replied. “But no water.”
“Aw, man. We’re stuck here on Jakku with no parts of a ship, but a hyperdrive and almost out of water”, Rowan complained. He was about 15 ½ years old. “We’ll have to use our water wisely.”
“Let’s head back to the shelter,” Luke said, as he glanced at the evening sun. “We don’t want to be attacked by the Bounty Hunters.” As they walked back to their shelter, the desert planet became colder and colder.

Peter from Room 17 has chosen to bring the setting to life with some great details and a hint that something is not quite right.

The cold London night air cut deep to my bones. I stumbled down the dark alleyway seeing nothing but hearing everything. The city lights were behind now and this alleyway was unlit. My hand caught against the cold damp wall as I staggered along. I used the wall to find my way. It was like a maze that never ends. I felt lost, no one around to come save me, no hero, nobody. I sunk down on the rough and cold cobblestones and started to cry. Tears rushed down my cheeks and I thought back to a memory of my mum saying “Never give up just keep on trying!”. Those words buried deep in my mind now gave me the strength to pull myself up. Bracing myself against the wall I pushed myself up. With the little strength left in me I continued down the alley.

Charlotte from Room 17 has a great title for her family based narrative and a great simile.

A narrative by Charlotte

Sleeping in the old dusty slug

Charlotte looked outside her bedroom window, it was raining cats and dogs. Her heart sank in disappointment. “How are we supposed to put up the tent up in this?” said Charlotte impatiently. She was thinking of her promised sleepover in the garden.

“It will be dry by the afternoon so we can set it up on the deck and move it into the garden,” added Mum sounding bored to death.

The manky family tent, known as the old slug, was small, fat and green in colour. It was dusty and smelly like one thousand year old socks. Perhaps an old dusty mummy had been staying in it. “It wasn’t exactly how I had imagined it would be,” sighed Charlotte. “I am only staying in it for one night so I’ll survive.”

Meanwhile the old slug was waking up from a deep slumber and a frightening adventure in the deep dark woods. It was getting dark and shadows were looming, the faint sounds of a barking dog echoed on the walls of the tent. Charlotte snuggled deep into her sleeping bag. A weird sensation of tingling feet crossed over her body. “What secrets had the old slug been keeping from our family,” thought Charlotte…

Martian Launch by Adam

Thank you Adam for your well constructed and entertaining narrative. I really liked the way you described your characters and setting, it helped me to visualise the events as they unfolded.  The use of dialogue, adjectives and technical language throughout your narrative was to a high standard and helped to sustain the suspense till the end.

Well done.
Mrs Brooke




Amena – Character Profile

Davis Raziel is a 12 year old boy who was born in New Zealand, Auckland. Davis has dark brown hair, with blue-ish bright eyes, and pale white skin. His dress style is pretty classic, but also he likes to wear casual, comfortable gear.

He is the oldest in his family and has 2 brothers, and one sister. His younger brother Spencer Raziel is 10 years old. Arlo Raziel is 3 years old, and his sister Hazel Raziel is 8. His mother’s name is Mrs. Mary Raziel, and father’s name is Mr. Garrett Raziel.

Davis’s favorite foods are pineapple pizza, chicken salad, bananas, mango, watermelon, chocolate cookies, chicken rice, sushi, and cinnamon rolls. Davis loves junk food.

Davis’s wishes are that there is no pollution, no plastic in the seas. Davis absolutely loves meeting kind people! One of his hobbies are drawing, another one is writing poems. but other than that, everything is amazing! He loves space with all his heart! He loves to sing and dance. He does however carry a few bad habits, such as asking a lot of questions, leaving dirty clothes/dishes out and being a bit of a couch potato, he does tend to sit still for a long period of time, not trying new things. A bit of a dreamer, he dreams of meeting his favourite singer, and to one day being an astronaut.

His biggest fear is the dark, particularly being a tad claustrophobic. Davis is very kind, generous, and caring. He is also a deep thinker, smart, respectful, fair and curious boy. He has had a happy life, however, one sad event in his life is losing his best buddy and cousin from cancer.

Davis didn’t have many friends at school to begin with, but one person he met changed his life. His name was Adam Zepal. Adam introduced him to many new friends. One of the new friend’s was a kind girl called Beatriz Sanders. Soon he had loads of friends by his side. Beatriz Sanders, Adam Zepal, Daniel Moore, Benjamin Wallace, and Sebastian Brown. Davis had a really mean bully, Gabriel Jones who would always pick on him, but his friends were right there with him defending him.





Anahita – Room 25

Ryan – Room 23

Rosy –  Zipline – Room 15

Hayden Room 15
Created a mask as part of his STEAM activity work.

Liam Mask STEAM activity.


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