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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

An important part of the Year 6 Health curriculum includes ‘puberty talks’. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic the school believes your child deserves to have it delivered by a qualified Health Professional with experience in this area and we have received positive feedback from past families about the way these sessions have been presented in previous years. The cost of this programme will be $15.00, which we encourage you to pay through your Kindo account, so that we can continue to deliver this quality programme.  

The two sessions (taken by Heather Cave from ‘Puberty Matters’) will commence 26th February – 28th February. 

These sessions will cover bodily and emotional changes that take place during puberty. If this is not a topic that you have discussed yet with your child, it would be helpful it they had a general idea of these changes and the body part names to prepare them for this learning.

Boys and girls will be grouped separately to allow more opportunities for discussion and questioning.  Students will receive a booklet at the end of the sessions to take home so that learning can continue with parents.

 If you have questions relating to these sessions please contact your child’s teacher.

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