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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

There are the following catch up lessons. All other music lessons have finished for the year.

Thursday 5th November

  • Keyboard and Violin
9am Keyboard Amber ALLPORT  28
  Keyboard Josephine NATAATMADJA  28
  Keyboard Antonio TOMOKINO  28
9.30am Keyboard Amy BROCKLEY  15
  Keyboard Elly LOW  15
  Keyboard Thomas YOUNG  28
9.30am Violin Haydn CHEUNG  28
10am Keyboard Matthew TAUA 17
  Keyboard Min ZHOU  21
10 Violin Jessica HUANG  08
10.15 Violin Mallory ENG  25


Friday 6th December

  • Drums
9.30am Thomas YOUNG  28
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