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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

NO 🎻violin lessons today. Students needing a violin catch up lesson will have their lesson next Wednesday instead.

Keyboard 🎹catch up lessons today 

1.30pm Aarush SHARMA 23
  Blythe KENDALL 08
  Rohan PRAKASH 20
2pm Jacob HENDERSON  25
  Olivia GRADY  25
  Kaichi GRANBERG 08
           Paul AMBATT  08
2.30pm Julie GRADY  21
  Min ZHOU  21
          Jasmine HILL 21


Drum 🥁catch up lessons are on this Friday. All other drum students have finished their lessons for the term.

9.30am Solomon TOMOKINO  21
Harry ZHENG 25
10am Ivan WANG 03
10.15am Lachlan O”BRIEN  17
10.45am Thomas YOUNG  28

Mrs Yu

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