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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

For  🎻 violin and 🎹 keyboard lessons today, there are the following changes.

All other Thursday students will have their lessons at the same time as last  term. Please come to the office if you have any queries.

Year 3/4 Students who have Cross Country from 10.30am-12.30pm will start lessons next week. If Cross Country is not on today, please go to your violin/keyboard lesson.

Mrs Yu

9am Keyboard Edward YOUNG  17 Y5
9.30 Keyboard Githira KARNASURIYA 28 Y5
  Keyboard Matthew TAUA 17 Y6
9.45 Violin Gabriel LEI 23 Y3
10 Keyboard Austin LUBECK  28 Y5
10.15 Violin Tim WANG 08 Y4
12.30pm Keyboard Aarush SHARMA 23 Y3
  Keyboard Blythe KENDALL 08 Y3
  Keyboard Artin AALI MAHMOODI 20 Y3
1.30pm Keyboard Rohan PRAKASH 20 Y4




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