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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Welcome back everyone to Term 3, and a special welcome to all our new children and their families.

An Important Message – Please read

I would like to thank all parents who always let us know via the app, (as this is the most efficient way to let us know), when their child will be late or absent.

It is extremely important that we account for each and every child at the start of each school day, and we take this responsibility extremely seriously.  Therefore, we request that ALL parents take the time and use the school app to inform us if their child will be late or are absent each day.  For each child for whom we have no information, our office angels must contact all relevant parents ASAP, to ensure all children are accounted for and we do not stop until we can confirm that they are safe.  For example today, our staff were on the phone for an hour and a half before we had completed this process today.

Fortunately in New Zealand, we do not have many children ‘placed at risk getting to school in the morning’. However,  it does happen occasionally and therefore, we must ensure we never become complacent. So even though you may know your child is safe and not at school today, it is essential that school also gets that information before 9am each day (i.e. preferably through our app), so we can account for all our children, as quickly as possible.

If we were ever to have a child at risk, (worst case scenario), I am sure you as parents would want us to be able to identify this situation as quickly as possible so we can activate the necessary help immediately, instead of using precious time working through a large list of children who are unaccounted for.

So please take the few minutes necessary to let us know via the app if your child will be late or absent. If you need some help to set up your app, or don’t have access to a phone, please contact our office as I know they will be only too happy to help. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards




我想感谢所有的父母们,当您的孩子迟到或缺席时,通过学校的 app 来通知我们。(因为这是联系我们最有效的方式)。


在上学的日子里我们必须为每一个孩子负责,所以孩子们是否安全抵达学校是非常重要的,我们认真对待这个责任。因此,我们要求所有家长们花一点时间,使用学校的 app 来通知我们您的的孩子是否会迟到或者是缺席。对于没有收到任何信息的孩子们,我们办公室的员工必须通过所有相关的联系方式找到每一位小孩的去处,我们不会停止,直到我们确认他们是安全的。比如今天,我们的工作人员在完成此流程之前已经打了一个半小时的电话。

幸运的是,在新西兰,我们没有很多孩子在早上上学时发生危险。然而,它偶尔还是会发生的,因此,我们必须永远保持警觉。所以,即使您可能知道您的孩子今天非常安全而且不会来学校,学校也必须在每天早上9点之前(最好是通过学校的 app)收到该信息,我们就可以确保孩子们是安全的。


因此,如果您的孩子迟到或缺席,请花几分钟时间通过学校的 app 告知我们。如果您需要帮助来设置您手机上的 school app,请联系我们的办公室,我知道他们会很乐意为您提供帮助。



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