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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Dear Parents/Caregivers

On Wednesday 27th of February 2019, Rooms 17 and 27 will be visiting the Planetarium, as part of our Inquiry into the solar system.  We will be leaving school at 9:30 am and returning at approximately 2:00pm, travelling on foot.

We request a contribution of $5.00 per child to cover the cost of entry, which can be paid through your Kindo account under the Payments and Donations title. Kindo offers 2 fee free methods to make your payment: POLi and Internet Banking. If you do not have funds currently available in your Kindo account we encourage you to pay using the  POLi method as paying by internet banking requires a 2 day processing time.

Prior to making payment on Kindo please respond to the 2 questions that you will be presented with: one granting permission for your child to attend the trip and the second to indicate if you are available to provide parental supervision during the trip. Parents accompanying us would need to be at school by 9 15am and we shall contact you to confirm if your help is needed. (Please note that due to the nature of this trip it is not suitable for pre-schoolers to attend.)

We understand that payment cannot be enforced, however, please appreciate that the trip is dependent on contributions being received.  Therefore, we will decide on 25 th February 2019, as to whether the trip can proceed or not. If cancelled, contributions will be refunded or held over until the next activity.


Kind regards

Anne Patel and Carmen Burns

Room 27/17

Year 5/6 Teachers

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