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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Tena koutou katoa

The Board met on Tuesday 23rd October.

The Board welcomed Mrs Irvine back from her sabbatical and during the November board meeting the Board will have a full debrief on her learnings.

The Board welcomed Sanjeev Deva and Nick Mackeson-Smith onto the board as selected parent trustees. Sanjeev and Nick will serve on the Board through until the general election next May when it is hoped they, along with many of the current trustees, will seek re-election.

The Board was very impressed with the very high calibre of the 8 applicants that applied for the two vacant roles and are very optimistic for a good selection process to occur during the elections next year with some excellent parents to choose from.

The board then reviewed the student achievement reporting along with the Principal’s Report.

We heard from Erin Hooper who is an Across School Leader in regard to the progress of writing and oral language initiatives within our Kahui Ako.  The schools within our Kahui Ako are in the process of collating student progress data from the initiatives used at their schools and we look forward to hearing about their findings in due course.

Additionally, the board was presented with data tracking student absenteeism. It is particularly pleasing to see that CPDS is achieving excellent results with highly engaged students across the various years and ethnic backgrounds.

We heard from the Property and Finance Committee.  We are very fortunate to have the wonderful CPDS Friends and Families team organising the Fun Run which will raise funds for some fabulous new furniture for flexi-room under Room 27 and for the Discovery Centre.  The school is lucky to have learning spaces such as these and the children of the school will benefit greatly from this fundraising event.

It is very pleasing to see school donations continue to be received.  Thank you to all those families who have contributed to date, donations are greatly appreciated and enable the Board to continue to provide all children of the school with our wonderful facilities, learning and teaching resources.

The Community Committee updated the board on the ongoing structure of the fair. We have had no response from parents from our request to support the next school fair as convenor which is very disappointing.

The Community Committee will meet within the next two weeks to work through some options of what the ongoing school fair model could look like along with consideration of other fundraising opportunities if the annual fair is no longer appealing to our community.

Conversely, we have had exceptional feedback from parents who are very positive about the proposed Garden to Table and Community Garden initiative outside the flexi-room.  It is important to note that without fundraising events such as the fair occurring, projects such as this are simply unrealistic.

If you’re considering whether helping with organising the fair for 2019 is something you would like to know more about please get in contact with  You will be supported by the hard working and enthusiastic Fair Committee.  Craig Anderson, the outgoing convener is a wealth of knowledge and while he remains a member of the CPDS community has offered to share as much information as he can to the new convenor (or convenors – many hands make light work!).

We will continue to provide updates on the progress of the community uptake over the next fortnight.

The Board discussed offering families who have paid the school donation the opportunity to purchase a pool key tag to use over the summer period once the pool is open.  We are happy to advise the pool key will remain at last year’s rate of $110.  There is a one off admin fee of $15 for all new pool key tag holders.  Pool key tag holders will be required to attend the Health and Safety meeting in order for the key tag to be activated.

You will appreciate, the school pool simply would not be viable to maintain without the proceeds coming from the sale of the pool key tags and fundraising events such as the school fair.

As always, we welcome your input and feedback.

Warm regards

Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

Chair: Jamie Galloway –
Treasurer: Sarah Sutcliffe –
Nicki Taylor –
Gowan Duff –
Nick Mackeson-Smith –
Sanjeev Deva –
Janine Irvine – Principal –
Shanthan Naidu – Staff Delegate –

董事会通讯 –  2018年10月



董事会欢迎 Irvine 女士休假回来,在11月的董事会会议上,董事会将听取她的学习汇报

董事会欢迎 Sanjeev Deva 和 Nick Mackeson-Smith 担任新选定的家长受托人。 Sanjeev 和 Nick 将在董事会任职,直到明年5月的大选,希望他们与许多现任受托人一起寻求连任。



我们听到了Erin Hooper 对于内部写作和口语活动方面的进展。 学校正在整理参与内部写作和口语活动举措的学生的进度数据,我们期待在适当的时候听到他们的进展报告。

此外,董事会还提供了数据跟踪学生缺勤情况。 特别令人高兴的是,CPDS在不同年龄和不同种族背景中都取得了优异的成绩。

我们听取了财产委员会和财务委员会的意见。 我们非常幸运地拥有 CPDS Friends and Families 团队组织了 Fun Run,这将为27号教室下面的房间和探索中心提供一些新的桌子和椅子,学校很幸运能有这样的弹性学习空间,学校的孩子们将从这次筹款活动中受益匪浅。

很高兴看到家长们继续捐款。 感谢所有迄今为止做出贡献的家庭,我们非常感谢捐,这让董事会能够继续为学校的所有孩子们提供更好的设施,学习和教学资源。

社区委员会向董事会更新了校集会的持续结构。 我们要求大家支持下一届校集会活,但是并没有得到太多父母的回应。学校校集会的召集人,非常失望。



如果您正在考虑是否要帮助校集会组织 2019 年的校集会,并且想要了解更多的信息,请与 联系。 您将得到勤奋和热情的校集会委员会的支持。 Craig Anderson,即将离职的召集人,他拥有丰富的经验,而且他仍然是CPDS 社区的成员,他会尽可能地向新的召集人(或志愿者 ) 分享信息。( 愈多人参与活动,工作愈轻松 )


董事会讨论了向已支付学校捐款的家庭提供购买游泳池钥匙的机会,以便在游泳池开放后能够在夏季期间使用。 我们很高兴游泳池钥匙将保持去年 $110 的价格。 对于所有新的游泳池钥匙持有者,只需支付 $15 的一次性管理费。 泳池钥匙持有者将被要求参加健康与安全会议,之后才能开始启用钥匙。




Cornwall Park 学校董事会

主席:Jamie Galloway  –
财务主管:Sarah Sutcliffe  –
Nicki Taylor  –
Gowan Duff  –
Nick Mackeson-Smith  –
Sanjeev Deva  –
Janine Irvine  – 校长 –
Shanthan Naidu  – 工作人员代表 –



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