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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Garden to Table

The garden to table project is something the teachers and learners have been working on over the last term. As part of this initiative we will establish six raised gardens that will be looked after by our students. We have already approached Countdown & they are willing to give our students free cooking lessons and assist with the planting of seasonal fruit and vegetables. This will enable us to promote healthy eating and menus. The concept of having a garden to table initiative also ties in well with the kitchen in our Discovery Centre. We will have both areas working in sync.

We have an exciting project to share with you. The anticipated location for the “school gardens” is outside the new flexible space under Room 27. The initiative has multiple purposes for our learners, staff and community. Please review the attached plans, as it provides a visual and a vision for the space.

I will briefly outline the possibilities of the initiative and we would appreciate community feedback. Please read through the following points before submitting your feedback.

Connecting our Food Programmes to NZ Curriculum

A school food programme and the school curriculum can be mutually reinforcing and provide opportunities for children to have learning experiences that are interesting, relevant, and real. This is a key step in taking a whole of school approach with your programme.

Linking the initiative to the curriculum:

Reinforcing your school programme and nutrition policy with the curriculum provides great opportunities for children to develop life skills. The following are a few examples:

  • Science – students can analyse the sugar contents of drinks and the composition of food, the way ingredients chemically and physically react during cooking, and plant biology for growing vegetables.
  • Mathematics – calculating ingredient ratios, budgeting, serving sizes as a proportion of recommended daily intake.
  • Literacy – reading and writing recipes and understanding nutrition terminology.
  • Social studies – understanding the different traditions around food in other cultures, linking in with our Te Reo programme as well.
  • Sensory Space – a space students can use to reflect and work on their learning outside the classroom.

Other learning competencies/dispositions to connect student learning to the initiative:

Critical thinking/Curious

Students learn to interpret and critique messages and advertising about healthy eating and sustainability.



Students learn to make their own informed decisions about food and nutrition; develop creativity and leadership; experience accomplishment; gain more control over their own diet and nutrition by learning to prepare, cook, and serve healthy food.



Students eat together; learn to recognise diverse experiences and values about food preparation and eating; share; take turns; and be able to influence the eating patterns of others in their environment.


Participating and contributing

Students learn to help with food preparation and distribution; planting, maintaining and harvesting school gardens; planning food programmes and menus; working with others in the community; and developing leadership.

Perspective 1 showing communal area with macrocarpa sleeper boxes, fixed timber seating and shade sail over.

Learning & Community Space

As part of the plan we will have an outside seating space for up to 60 people, please review the images. This will provide another option for teachers to carry out teaching and learning programmes outside the classroom. At lunch times this space can also used as an outside library. For school events, we can open the space up for our community to use, a meet and greet venue after powhiri’s and assemblies. The theme of having a “Cornwall Park Café’ within our school grounds will offer further opportunities for our community to be part of the school. A coffee machine will go down well, as it can also be a space where parents might wait for their children before the 3pm bell.

Cultural Space

As part of the attractive gardens we have allocated a space for the “pou”, a project that is currently being reviewed. The “pou” will give our kura, a cultural identity and be symbolic of us as a school and community.

Parent/Caregiver Feedback

We would like you to share your thoughts and welcome your feedback to the plan shared with you. Please email by Friday 12 October 2018.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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