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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.


It has been a busy time at camp for our Year 5 and 6 children with four different camps taking place during this week and last week. We had been reasonably lucky with the weather for most of this time and the children were still really excited leaving this morning in heavy rain.

It is a great setting and the children have been pushing themselves out of their comfort zones with activities that included Mountain Boarding, hiking and rock climbing.  Thank you to all the teachers involved for their great organisation as well as the parents who assisted with transport or staying overnight.  We couldn’t do it without you.                           



Last Wednesday a small group of budding writers joined other children from our Community of schools and participated in what has become an annual Writer’s Festival.  Girls from Epsom Girl’s took some workshops and there was also a visiting author Paul Mason.  Thank you to Adele Hatton for organising our participation in this.

Feedback from a couple of our pupils:

Paul Mason is an author of many children’s books. He told us that to make a book appealing to someone it needs a hook, tension in the story, drama and a problem. Some girls from Epsom Girls Grammar also taught us about writing on a theme like Dystopia and Utopia. Dystopia is a world full of darkness and destruction, that is unpleasant and yucky. Utopia is the opposite of dystopia, so it is a world of bright colour, kindness and endless football (my interpretation). Utopia and dystopia is different for every person, it depends on your personality and things you like and dislike, so it’s a happy place to live in. I really enjoyed the writers festival.

by Rory Francis Rm 28 Y5

The highlight of going to the Writer’s Festival this year was meeting the famous childrens’ author Paul Mason and hearing that some of his best stories were ones he ‘winged’. He said ‘the first word is like the bud and the story blooms from there’. The festival was inspirational.

 by Ava Galloway Rm 10 Yr 6


On the 14 May we sent two teams to a Literature Quiz evening where our children competed against other local schools testing out their knowledge of books.  Well done to you all, especially Milla, Annika, Armelie and Victoria who won the Year 5/6 Category.  Well done girls.  Thank you to Nicki Boswell for making this possible for our teams.

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