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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

2018 is going to be an exciting year, with new staff Shanthan Naidu, Ronelle Clarke, Marcus Collins and Thyra Compton joining us.  We are also looking forward to the multi-purpose learning space under Rm 27 being finished so we can start to look at how we can outfit it to benefit as many children as possible.

As is the norm for each year, we have reviewed the previous year’s expenses before finalising the suggested 2018 donation.  In 2018, your donation will be used to provide extra support for children who require it, boost funding for library books and IT, as well as helping us fund teachers over and above what the government provides.  In addition to this donation there are some other expenses that will need to be considered as we progress through the school year. Please refer to the paragraph below – Trips, camps and activities.

As you can see your donation is important to our school and we have tried to set a fair and realistic amount. Therefore, our suggested annual school donation for this year will be kept at the previous years amount of $440 per student if received by March 31st 2018 for people wishing to claim a tax rebate on donations in this financial year or $450 if paid after this date.

As in previous years it is appreciated if you are able to contribute the full amount of the donation now. However, if this is not possible we are still very grateful for part payments and instalments throughout the year. Please note that we accept internet banking for all contributions/charges. Bank account: 12 3021 0240840 04


Trips, camps and activities

Even though the survey of families last year showed how important families felt the Year 5 and 6 camps were and how they want us to retain both, families need to be aware that we are unable to charge for these even though the school does not receive enough money from the government to cover the costs of current class trips/ camps each year from school funds.  We therefore have no choice but to still request a contribution from participating families to cover costs. While we are aware that payment can not be enforced, please appreciate that for the camp and class trips to go ahead we are dependent on these contributions.

If people choose not to contribute, then we may be forced to cancel an event in order to protect the school financially.  As is usual we will be monitoring any impact throughout the year and if the level of contribution becomes an issue we will then need to decide if we are able to continue to offer such trips/camps in the future.

In order to be fair to all we have decided that we will request a contribution each time a class excursion/ event is being offered throughout the year, along with a date when we will need to decide if it will be cancelled or not.


Other charges

Please also note that some activities offered by our school are above the normal curriculum delivered and therefore a fee is charged, which is payable before a child takes part.  These include, but may not be limited to, Sports Teams playing out of school hours such as Netball and Flippaball, Instrumental Lessons and Inter-School Technology Challenges. Please note: these charges are not tax deductible.


We thank you for your continued financial support of our school and wish to assure you that all donations are used for the benefit of all our children at Cornwall Park District School.  If you would like more information please visit our school website

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