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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Bookings for Flippa Ball are now open. This activity is only available to Year 3-6 children.

Click the link here to access the website Enrolmy for more information including days of play and cost and to book your child in to the activity.

If you are new to Enrolmy in order to make the booking you will firstly need to register with a password. Please remember this password as it will be needed to make activity bookings in the future.

Please note that booking and payment must be made no later than 6pm Tuesday 6 February (Waitangi Day) as we have a very small window of time in which to register teams. Payment by credit card can be made on Enrolmy at the same time as booking in. If you would prefer to pay by internet banking (12 3021 0240840 04), cash or Eftpos you can do so at the office but the child must first be booked in to the activity on Enrolmy. If you need assistance with doing this please see us at the office.

If your child is in Year 5 or 6, has played Flippa Ball for at least 1 term, is a confident swimmer and can tread water you may be interested in joining a Mini Polo team instead. Please look on Enrolmy for detailed information regarding Mini Polo team membership.

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