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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

This Friday (29th Sep) the lunchroom will be closed as the PTA is running their end of term sausage sizzle.
Your child/ren will be bringing home an envelope for ordering today or tomorrow – please look out for this in their bookbags.

Sausages cost $2 each and there is a limit of 2 sausages per child.

Please fill out the details on the envelope correctly.

Orders must be handed in to your child’s teacher in the supplied envelope at the start of the school day on Friday.

Sausage orders will be delivered to the classrooms at lunchtime.

A vegetarian option is available for those who do not eat meat due to religious or dietary reasons.
These sausages will be cooked first and kept separate from the meat sausages.
A gluten free option is also available for those who cannot eat products containing gluten.
Please mark these options carefully on the envelope.
Spare envelopes are available from the  office.

Please note: The PTA are unable to give change or sell any other items.

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