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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Today we started looking at persuasion

We were given a statement and then we had to decide if we strongly agree, agree, not sure, disagree or strongly disagree.

Fidget Spinners Should be banned

Strongly Agree Agree Not sure Disagree Strongly Disagree
Causes a distraction (Rio)

Oil inside the fidget spinners can be poisonous (Alicia)

If you lose it at school it causes drama (Zareena)

Other people want to play with them -too loud (Matthew)

Choking hazard (Meg)

When you spin them some pieces could break off and hurt someone (Sophie H)

If they break or lose them you will be seen as not responsible by your parents (Olivia)

If they are played with on the mat so students won’t know what they are meant to be doing (Amy D)

You will end up staying in at lunch to finish your work (Paige)

All your friends will want a turn and they will annoy you by asking for a turn – so they shouldn’t be at school (Maayan) It will distract people/Some people need fidget spinners because they have problems with concentrating and it helps them to stay on task (Sophie)

It’s a stress toy that you can spin when you are stressed/disagree because it will cause distractions (Maskil)

Depends on the person – some people are easily distracted by them others can use it as a way to fidget while maintaining their focus (Yogya)

Should not be banned because you can choose to use them outside (Andrew)

They can be used for stress relief (Maksim)

Can be played with when you are bored (Stanley)

Struggling to concentrate, spinning can keep your hands busy and easier to concentrate (Lachlan)

Finger strengthening exercise (Shamanth)

Could be used as a fan (Mohammad)

Students should only be allowed to have the essential stationery at school (Blue pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener and 12 pack of coloured pencils in a snaplock bag)

Strongly Agree/Agree
Not sure
Disagree/Strongly Disagree
The amount of stationery is a distraction/trading (Amy G)
You only NEED the essentials to get your work done (Aanya)
Scented pencils are a distraction (Mohammed)
All of the stationery might not fit in the pencil case (Summer)
You don’t need your work to be smelly and everything colourful with gel pens etc (Meg)
You only need a certain amount of colouring pencils because the teachers have extra colouring pencils etc (Olivia)
If you trade, your parents might not want you to (Zareena)
Plain pens won’t cause issues (Stanley)
Trading causes a distraction, and you might end up having to stay in to complete your work (Matthew)
Sometimes you might need colouring pencils or black pen (Nithya)
It can affect your future because if your are arrogant about your stationery it may follow you into later life (Yogya)
Extra stationery for rainbow writing/sometimes we don’t need all those colours (Paige)
Habit forming – too much money for something that might not be used much/some people get distracted (Sophie)
More colour to make work vibrant/some people trade and their parents get upset then when they try to trade back the other person doesn’t want to trade back (Maayan)
If you have lots of things you have more options (Kauan/Lachlan)
Some pencils smell good (Dhruv)
If you have gel pens you can use them to make your work colourful (Shamanth)
You might need more than 12 colours to do your work (Rio)
Scented pencils could calm you down when you smell them (Matthew)

Students should be able to wear their own clothes to school

Strongly Agree/Agree
Not sure
Disagree/Strongly Disagree
If you wear a uniform, if you lose something you have to buy a new one but if it’s your own clothes you might have another one you can wear (Andrew)
Easy to lose your uniform because someone might take because they think it’s theirs. (Alva)
If you have one set of school uniform and it doesn’t dry in time. You have more options with mufti (Calem)
You like your own clothes and think they’re cool (Alicia)
More comfortable in your own clothes (Maksim)
Express yourself with your own clothes (Meg)
School clothes cost a lot of money (Matthew)
All school uniforms are in the wash/on a school trip you won’t be representing the school (Rosa)
If you wear your own clothes you’ll have ownership/you might get your own clothes dirty – harder to wash (Rachel)
If your get lost on a school trip you might get lost (Li)
Some people might get fussy about the uniform (argue about the uniform)/if you come to school wearing ballet dresses they aren’t appropriate for a school day (Sophie)
Wear a uniform makes it easier to identify people (Olivia)
If we wear jewellery to school we might lose it (Amy G)
More sensible to wear a uniform, because your uniform is enough (Claire)
If we wear too much clothes it’s too colourful and can’t identify who’s who (Summer)
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