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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.
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Dear School Community

The Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees has had two meetings since we last communicated with you – one in the last week of Term One on Tuesday night 28th March and the second recently on Tuesday 2nd May.  We apologise for the delay in catching you up on the news as we were a little involved and distracted by our wonderful Fair. And what a great event that was once again.
Due to the combined report we will keep this brief. As always the minutes of our meetings are available on line and at the school office.

Specifically to the March meeting we received a presentation from staff on the Auckland Central Community of Schools (ACCOS – refer to their website). They expanded on what the group had been doing since they joined in 2016 and their actions for the next year. Of particular interest to the Board was ‘what would strong connections with parents and whanau look like’ and ‘how was targeted release of teachers working with the teachers, students and parents?’ The group is very enthusiastic and the Board were impressed with their research and action plan for the future. The Board thanked the group for their presentation.

As is the protocol in these meetings, we received progress reports on matters concerning the school. The most significant of these is the Principal’s Report on student achievement and our monthly progress against strategic and annual aims. Of interest in the March meeting we discussed the Fast Forward programme and how the students are being monitored on the time they spend on the programme and the results achieved. We were impressed with the conclusions drawn and planned path of action in running this programme into the future.

We also learned that the recent teacher only day training was very well received. The theme was Growth Mindset which is a very topical issue in learning presently. Our Principal reported that since the training the teachers were actively finding new and improved ways of engaging with Growth Mindset in their classrooms. We will be learning more about this later in the year.

In the Principal’s Report for May we learned that student achievement was progressing well. The Principal and Associate Principals then presented their work, in association with the consultancy company ‘Critical Mass’, on the rebranding project which is part of the greater Communication Strategy. A new slogan was introduced and the school logo was refreshed. The Board discussed and undertook a vote regarding the retention of the school motto – Honour Not Honours. The majority vote sought to retain this historical reference. Otherwise the Board were impressed with the fresh and modern look. The Board also approved funding for the cost of a photographer and to cover the copyright matters. The Principal will take feedback from the Board back to Critical Mass.

On other progress reports we have learned from the Property Committee that the redevelopment of classrooms 8, 9, 10 and 11 (now Room 8 and Room 10) is progressing well with an approximate opening date of mid May. There are some problematic issues concerning the finished concrete outside the classroom and on the path leading into the school, and with the fire retardant applied to the verandah poles outside Room 12. These matters will require remedial work to be undertaken at a later date.

The Finance Committee reported that we are under budget on the redevelopment spend and also on our banking staffing. The committee also presented the Donations Pie graph to be distributed to the community – this shows how your school donation will be spent. The Board were pleased to be able to provide this detail to the community.

The Principal then informed the Board that the school is experiencing low enrolment numbers for Years 0 and 1 and we have low operating numbers in Years 3 and 5.  The Board heard of reasons why this might be and approved to open another ballot for Years 1, 3 and 5 and for siblings for all year groups. This will be advertised soon.

Finally, on an administrative note, the Board confirmed their review of the relevant policies on SchoolDocs for Term One. We hope you found time to also go online and review these documents.  The Board has yet to receive instruction on the policies to be reviewed for Term Two.  These are however noted against the SchoolDocs website.

As always, we welcome your input and feedback and appreciate you taking the time to read this update.

Warm regards.
Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

Nga mihi
Lee-Ann Lucas, Sarah Sutcliffe, Nicki Taylor, Michael O’Brien,
Jamie Galloway, Lou Dennis, Gowan Duff, Chris Porteous and Janine Irvine
Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

Donations Breakdown


距离上次的更新简报,Cornwall Park 小学有过两次董事会议。由于校集会而延误更新,我们深表歉意。又是一次圆满成功的校集会。


三月份的会议上,奥克兰中央社区学校的工作人员和我们分享了他们的工作和明年的行动计划。董事会非常感谢他们。( 请参考他们的网站 – ACCOS )

最近的 Teacher Only Day 是老师的培训日。主题是“增长心态”,这是当前学习的一个非常重要的课题。培训老师正在积极寻找新的改进方式並在课堂上增长心灵的接触。

在校长五月份的报告中,我们得知学生成绩进展顺利。学校咨询了品牌改造项目工作。引入了一个新的口号,学校标志被更新。董事会讨论是否保留学校的座右铭 — Honour Not Honours. 多数投票力求保留这历史文化。除此之外,董事会非常满意新的标志,並核准了摄影费用和保留版权问题。





Cornwall Park 小学董事会
Nga mihi

Lee-Ann Lucas, Sarah Sutcliffe, Nicki Taylor,
Michael O’Brien and  Jamie Galloway
Cornwall Park District School Board of Trustees

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