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Communication Between School and Home

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STEPPING UP challenges     ...with confidence       ...with others


Kia ora koutou. Hello Everyone.


Welcome to Cornwall Park District School and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  My name is Janine Irvine and I am honoured to be the Principal of such an outstanding school.


Cornwall Park School has been a school of excellence since it opened it's doors in 1921, and as it moves through the 21st Century it continues to honour it's past while embracing the challenges of an ever changing future. 


Our staff are highly committed and talented practitioners who work hard to ensure the students receive the very best opportunities across all the academic, cultural, sporting and social domains.  As a school we believe in providing a holistic education where we all assume a shared responsibility to meet the needs of the ‘whole child’.


Cornwall Park School is a school of opportunities, where students can strive to achieve their potential, while also being provided a wide range of different opportunities that will hopefully highlight possible talents and passions they can continue to carry through their lives.


As we are a culturally diverse school, we pride ourselves on being inclusive where all children are recognised and respected for the unique talents they each possess.  The facilities we offer are outstanding, with a dedicated music room, an impressive pool as well as a multipurpose hall and ICT Suite.  Every room has up-to-date technology to enhance teaching and the school also employ specialised PE and Music teachers to ensure our students receive the best all round education.


The school encourages a strong relationship between home and school and we are privileged to have a school community that is so supportive.  We encourage parents to be proactive within the school and in order to help keep these ties strong in a world where there are multiple demands on families; we operate an on-line learning community (Knowledge Net) that allows families to share their children’s learning as they progress through the school.


So welcome again to Cornwall Park District School where we value:


·         Tradition

·         Community

·         Excellence

·         Innovation

·         Integrity and Diversity


If you are interested in visiting our school please contact the school on (09) 524 6574.


Kind Regards

Janine Irvine






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