Cornwall Park District School is sited at 193 Green Lane West, Greenlane, Auckland 1051.

All correspondence and couriers can be forwarded to this address.


There are two main entrances for the school.  One from Wheturangi Road and the other through the Cornwall Tennis Club carpark off Green Lane West.  The Wheturangi Road entrance does not have vehicle access during the day.  The gate is locked at 8.30am until 3.30pm.  There is limited parking around the school.  Caution should be taken at the beginning and end of school during peak times.


The Administration Office is located in the centre of the school with access straight ahead from the two main entrances, at the top of the stairs, these are signposted.


All visitors to the school, being any person that is staying on the grounds for purposes other than dropping off or picking up children must report to the school office.  A sign in/out tablet is available for use.


All enquiries should be directed to the School Administration Office in the first instance:


Phone:        524 6574

Fax:             524 9912

Email:  or


Knowledge Net:



Email is an effective way to contact your child's teacher.  Ring the school office for contact details.  Staff can be contacted by telephoning or calling into the office, and leaving a message.


All urgent calls regarding students’ health and safety will be made by the administration staff.  Should parents need to contact their children during school hours to leave a message ring the school office to arrange.  All messages are sent to classes at 2.45pm.


The School’s website provides a link to the intranet site (Knowledge Net) where parents and students will be able to find information on both schoolwide and classroom events.

Our school prides itself in keeping parents and caregivers informed and provides a number of avenues of communication.  Weekly Principal Updates, PTA  Newsletters (2 per term) and class notices will keep parents/caregivers up to date with events and happenings throughout the school year.  A link to Knowledge Net is sent by email to parents/caregivers to view the school newlsetters.  Alternatively you can log into Knowledge Net or go  the school website.  School notices are sent home through classes to parents/caregivers and are also sent by email.  If you loose a notice simply log on to Knowledge Net, go to school calendar, find the date of the event and the notice will be available to  view or print.

Students are not permitted to use the telephone.  The school’s telephone services are charged at business rates with every call incurring a charge this cost may be charged to students for calls home other than urgent calls made by the office.

Students should be discouraged from bringing mobile phones to school unless there is an extraordinary requirement, in which case caregivers need to send a letter of explanation to the school.  All mobile phones should be handed into the office at the beginning of the day and picked up at the end of the day for safe keeping.



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