School Policies




Policy / Procedure Guidelines

Rationale:     To ensure that the governance tools of Policy are used correctly.

A policy, set by the Board, is a statement of broad intent with guidelines as to how that intent is carried out.  For each policy or specific area of operation, the school has documented procedures which, when followed, will ensure that National Education Goals are met with the National Administration Guidelines.

                     The Board maintains a five year cycle of review.


The School's plan and overall approach for the year is outlined in the School Charter and Strategic Plan.  The policies that follow are broken into sections arranged according to the National Administration Guidelines or NAGs.


NAG 1 - Curriculum  Policies              
    Curriculum Delivery Policy  
    Equity Policy   
    Treaty of Waitangi Policy Statement       
    Education Outside The Classroom Policy  
    Children With Specific Needs Policy -  (Gifted And Talented)  
    Children With Specific Needs Policy  -  (Learning Support)   
    ESOL Policy  
    Homework Policy   
    Assessment Policy  

NAG 2 - Strategic Planning And Review  Policies              
    Strategic Planning Policy   
    School Self Review Policy  
    Community Consultation and  Communication Policy   

NAG 3 - Personnel  Policies              
    Personnel Management Policy   
    Leave Policy   

    Staff Discipline Policy

    Management Unit Allocation Policy

    Dealing with Complaints Policy

    Staff Induction Policy

    Staff Leaving and Long Service Award Policy

NAG 4 - Financial And Assets  Policies              
    Financial Management Policy   
    Property Management Policy   
    Fixed Asset Policy         
    Fundraising Policy

    Staff Use of School Property Policy

    Sensitive Expenditure Policy

    Theft and Fraud Prevention Policy

NAG 5 - Health And Safety Policies                
    Health And Safety Policy   
    Sun Shade Policy 
    Child Abuse Policy

    Crisis Management Policy   

    Anti-Bullying Policy

NAG 6 - Compliance Policies               
    Legislation and Regulations Policy

 (Management Proceudures are actively practised and regularly reviewed for compliance - these include: length of school day, structure of the school year, attendance, enrolment, truancy, suspensions, pupil privacy, sexual harrassment, copyright, care of animals at school)

    Enrolment Annulment Policy  

    Visitors to School Policy  
    Pupil Management Policy   
    Product Endorsement Policy   
    Uniform Policy   
    Pupil Placement Policy   
    Cybersafety Policy   

    Protected Disclosure Policy


    International Student Policies

    International Student Policy

    School Fees Protection for Interntional Student Policy

    Refund Policy for International Fee Paying Students







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