Parent Interviews


Appointments to Meet the Principal

All parents and caregivers are encouraged to make an appointment with Janine Irvine, School Principal.  This gives parents the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have and for Janine to individually meet with all new students.




Appointments to Meet Teachers


We communicate with our community on a regular basis and you are most welcome to contact us at any time should you have concerns. Before and after school are busy times in the classroom therefore if you wish discuss your child’s progress and any problems with your child’s teacher please make an appointment directly with the teacher a a mutually convenient time.  Some teachers are happy to correspond by e-mail and the school office can advise individual teachers e-mail addresses.





Reporting to Parents


Feb 6 weeks              -    Parents will receive a progress report for their child for the first 6 weeks of being at school when starting as a new entrant child.

March            -   Parents will be invited to a ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening for their child’s year level where staff will outline classroom programmes and organisation for the year.

Mid-Year          -  A report on the child’s progress for the first half of the year will be sent home and will be followed by a parent/teacher/child interview with the teacher.

End of Year         -    A report on the second half of the year will be sent home following the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony.

A portfolio with examples of each students which is kept throughout the year and these will be sent home for parents to view at the end of Term 2 and then again at the end of Term 4 at which time they can be kept at home.












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