Lost Property


Lost Property


To ensure that your child's school uniform is not lost it is vital that ALL SCHOOL UNIFORM ITEMS BE CLEARLY NAMED with your child's full name.


All lost uniform items, shoes, lunchboxes, drink bottles etc found are transferred to the Lost Property Shed at the back of the junior classroom block (behind Room 11).  This lost property may be inspected at any time during the school day.

Lost property is sorted each term by volunteers and all named and identifiable property is returned to the pupil’s classroom.


Periodically it is advertised in the school newsletter that all lost property will be displayed outside the school library.  Whereas volunteers check each lost item for a name and try to find an owner, it is important for parents/caregivers to take this opportunity to check all items as ALL lost property left unclaimed will be disposed of.


All items of removable clothing should be clearly named to prevent loss. 

Individual name tag order forms are available from the school office.  Ask for an order form from the enrolments officer.



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