Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care


Relationships make a school. We believe quality, lasting relationships based on trust, respect and understanding take time to establish. Everyone at school works hard to develop this supportive ethos, guiding and encouraging our students to be the very best. Our goal is not to simply concentrate on academic success, we strive to develop character and personal qualities in every child.

School Rules

-   Behave sensibly

-   Respect others and their property

-   Be polite

-   Be punctual

-   Listen when spoken to

-   Play safely

-   Look after equipment

-   Be a tidy Kiwi

-   Enjoy life

Establishing good relationships is an on-going process and from time to time some children will not meet our shared expectations. If problems arise all teachers follow this procedure:

Stage 1The teacher speaks to the child / group highlighting the inappropriate action and giving guidance on how to improve.
Stage 2 With little or not improvement, 'time out to reflect' is introduced. Punishments will encourage reflection. The use of lines is forbidden.
Stage 3The teacher will refer the child to the Team Leader and invite the parents into school to discuss the situation. An agreed plan of action is produced with the pupil present.
Stage 4Continued misbehaviour or concern will lead to the pupil discussing their actions with the Associate Principal (Pastoral Care). Parents will again be invited to collaborate.
Stage 5Meeting with the Principal to review the progress of the pupil with parents, child and class teacher.


We expect our pupils to work well together, respect each other and listen carefully to their teachers. There are times when individuals or groups of pupils need to be told their actions are unacceptable and require review. We emphasise the incorrect action rather than the characteristics of the person.



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