Enrolment Process


Application dates for pre-enrolment (both in zone and out of zone) at Cornwall Park District School will be advertised on the school website, and in our school newsletter from August of the year preceding anticipated enrolment (ie: if a child is to turn five anywhere between 1 January and 31 December 2017 applications will be called for in 2016).  For all students starting at Cornwall Park District School, a pre-enrolment form should be completed and taken to the school office.  Please bring with you the child's original birth certificate and evidence of in-zone address.  All students must be five (5) years of age or older to start school.


To support the management of expected enrolment numbers the school should be notified of all in-zone students starting school on or about the time that a child turns 4 years of age.  Alternatively, if you are shifting into the school zone, and your child is already attending another school, or  is turning 5 within a short period of time of moving, please notify the school as early as possible of your intent to move into our school zone.


Once a child is pre-enrolled, an application form and enrolment pack will be sent out (minimum of 8 weeks before starting).  Alternatively this can be collected from the school office.  Arrangements will be made for a meeting with the Principal and leadership team, and a classroom visit 2 weeks prior to child's start date.  The students must live in-zone before starting  school and proof of in-zone residence will be required prior to enrolment being accepted.


If you are not a New Zealand resident/citizen you will need to bring the child's original birth certificate and passport and parent's original passports including all relevant visas.


If you are unsure of the eligibility of enrolling your child, please click on the link to view the Eligilibily to Enrol criteria in the Circular 2012/01 - Eligibility to enrol in New Zealand schools as set by the Ministry of Education.



Prior to your start date a full application pack will be sent to you for completion.  Parents/Caregivers of New Entrant students will be advised of dates of school visits and an opportunity to meet with the school Principal.


If you have any questions regarding enrolment that are not covered in the Scheme please contact the School Administration Office on Phone 09 524 6574 or Fax 09 524 9912, or email admin@cpds.school.nz



Enrolment Scheme ( Refer below for all application forms)
Geographical Zone - Streets
Geographical Zone - Map


Pre-Enrolment Forms

Please take the time to choose the correct form.


  • Application forms for in zone enrolment

In Zone - Pre-Enrolment Enquiry

In Zone - Pre-Enrolment Application Form   (pdf)



Out of Zone Enrolments



                       Link to Out of Zone Enrolments




Enrolment of International Students


                      Link to International Students Enrolments


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