Meet the teacher Brochure

 2015 Speech to Parents on Meet the Teacher Night



In the pamphlet that is linked at the bottom of the page you will see listed our major focuses for 2015.


I believe that CPDS has done a great job in embedding the school values of Compassion, Perseverance, Diversity and Integrity.  The children know them demonstrate them as well as been able to talk about them with understanding.  I often hear and see teachers relating these concepts to everyday school life in a real and meaningful way.


This year we aim follow this model and embed CPDS dispositions into our curriculum and culture so they become part of a shared language used day to day in the same way as our values.  As educators we have been charged with preparing your children for the future, and at CPDS we aim to ensure all students leaving our school have the confidence and capacity to flourish in their world which is constantly changing around them.


It is a fact that Reading, Writing and Maths and other academic subjects will always form the core of what we do at school.  However, it is important that we recognise the difference between skills and dispositions. 

I like to define a skill as something we are able to do, however, is not necessarily something we are inclined or disposed towards doing.

 For example:

There is a big difference between being able to read and being termed as a true reader.


I believe for the past few decades teachers across NZ have been trying to get children to develop dispositions such as perseverance, problem solving, risk taking, and resilience to name a few.  Some used role modelling and a range of other techniques and achieved good results, however, in other classes children have been encouraged to improve dispositions without ever really understanding what that meant or looked like in reality.   It is easy to tell a child they need to be more of a problem solver.  But do they truly understand what they need to do to be an effective problem solver.


At CPDS however, we don’t want this learning to rely on chance. Therefore in 2014 staff began working on identifying key components that support successful learners at CPDS.


This year we are looking at sharing this work with you so we can gather some feedback on this before developing a clear and concise model that will reflect our culture and curriculum in the same way we our values currently do.  The aim is for the children to include reflection on their dispositions and identify areas of strengths as well as areas for future focus instead of only focusing on content knowledge.



You will also see that we intend to review how inclusive our school actually is.  This builds on the BOT survey that was completed last year.  This term we  will be gathering further information from the children, staff and families in order to build a school profile that will present us a picture of our what we do well and what we need to improve on.  This can then feed into the school’s strategic plan.  Part of this process will involve the formation of a working party and prior to Term 2 we will be asking for expressions of interest from people who would like to be involved as we are seeking solid representation across all sectors of our school community. 


You will see a few more major focuses for 2015 listed on the back of the brochure, and if you would like want any more information on what I have mentioned tonight or any of the other initiatives listed please do not hesitate to speak to myself or one of my leadership team.


Inside the brochure you will also find some key groups and opportunities that exist within our school, and contact details.




2015 CPDS Brochure


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