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Whakapau kaha – to be better than before.

Cornwall Park District School is fortunate to have the expertise of experienced Music Specialists available for Instrumental Group Lessons on a user pays basis for students from Year 3 to 6. Lessons take place during class time in small groups with pupils taken out of class at a time that minimises disruption to both teacher and pupil. Please note: Fees are payable on a term by term basis. For Term One there will be Seven ½ hour lessons at a total cost of  $119 (GST inclusive) for the term. For recorder and flute lessons only, there will be Six lessons at a cost of $102.

Tuition is available as follows:

Year 3-6: Recorder, Keyboard, Drums, Violin

Year 4-6: Guitar

Year 4-6: Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet (Students need to have completed at least 1 years music tuition before beginning lessons on any of  these)

Year 5-6: Saxophone (Students need to have completed at least 1 year’s music tuition preferably in recorder or clarinet before beginning lessons on the Saxophone.)

Please note: We are currently in the process of appointing a new Flute tutor with the hope that lessons will start in Week 4.

A tutor for Trumpet, Clarinet and Saxophone will only be appointed if we have sufficient interest. If interested in one of these three instruments please contact me at (NB The decision to appoint a tutor will be made on  8th February. Please be aware that lessons will only begin once a suitable tutor has been found).

Learning an instrument is a big commitment for parent and child so please think seriously before returning your form.  Students are required to provide their own instruments and lesson books. Once your child has made the commitment it should be for the year, as it is difficult to know whether a child likes or dislikes an instrument in a shorter period of time.  Children need to be responsible for bringing their instruments (except for the keyboard and drum kiit) and books to school on the day of their lesson. It is their responsibility to ensure they arrive promptly at the start of their lesson time.

Reasonable attempts will be made to remind children of their lessons, however, the school is not responsible to make up lessons in the event of a child being sick or forgetting to attend their lesson. Lessons will only be made up when a lesson has been missed due to a clash with a School commitment or the tutor’s absence.

Daily practice is essential in order for your child to progress in their playing so please encourage them to have a regular practice time at home.  We are always happy to have parents attend lessons to observe their children.

Enrolments and payments are to be made via your school Kindo account.  Please note, enrolments close on Friday 8th February. Confirmation of lessons will be sent home prior to the start of lessons.

To ensure you receive updates regarding music lessons please select Itinerant Music as an Alert Subscription on your school app.        

If you have any queries regarding lessons or payments please contact Linda Yu in the School Office on 524 6574 or email Any queries regarding Kindo accounts can be directed to Leigh Fletcher

NB: No lessons will commence until the Term’s payment is received in full.

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